July 3, 2020

Review: Insightly CRM Tool for Small Businesses

Insightly CRM tool for Small Businesses

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated to write this review but thoughts and opinions are all my own. Cheers!**

A couple weeks ago I was exploring the different CRM tools that exist for small businesses. Now, I know the major players in the game like Sales Force and Oracle. But what about small businesses and independent consultants who are looking for an easy, simple, and efficient way to manage their leads, calendars, and track projects? I didn’t really know what kind of affordable solutions were out there for small businesses and I wanted to find out.

I really lucked out because right around the time I was doing my search for a CRM tool in my own consulting business, an opportunity came up through Sverve (an influencer network I belong to) to review Insight.ly – a CRM tool for small businesses. I wrote to Insightly and told them about my need for a CRM tool and they picked me to write a review for them. Sweet! I was excited to a) Find a CRM tool I could use in my business and b) Have access to the company and ask them questions not only for my own benefit but also for the purposes of the review.

Here’s a short video on the product:

One of the first things that I liked about Insightly was its integration with Google Apps. I recently switched email servers for my business over to Google Apps so all I had to do was add Insightly as a Google App and then it’s right there in my Google Apps. That was easy. And I like easy.

Once you add Insightly to Google Apps, a little widget appears at the bottom of your emails that looks like this:

Insightly CRM Tool Review

This allows you to easily add your emails into their CRM tool. If you are using a program like Outlook or Apple Mail, Insightly gives you your own custom unique email address where you can forward emails. It automatically stores the emails for viewing and it saves your contacts. Pretty neat.

I am just a one woman team so I am primarily using this software for my own organizational purposes. I can see how this would be very beneficial for those working on a team because you can easily integrate it with Google Drive and share calendars and notes and also assign projects, tasks, and follow ups to your colleagues. Here’s a screenshot of what the interface looks like, with one of my tasks written in:

Insightly CRM Tool Interface

The service is free for up to 3 users, and so far I have been happy with the free version of the service for my needs. The premium features like Contact Sync, MailChimp Integration, and Custom branding are beyond my needs right now but I could see how this would be a beneficial service for a small business.

Insightly also has a feature to integrate with Evernote, which I also love because that is the other program I use to help me organize my website chaos.

Overall I am really happy I was able to connect with Insightly and I plan on using it in my business and helping me to better organize my leads, projects, contacts, and everything else that goes into running my own business that I never had to think about until now.

Fore more information on Insight.Ly, you can visit them on the web by clicking here.



What about you? What tools do you use in your business to help you track projects and stay organized? Post in the comments and let me know!



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